The Mechnology Group combines the competences of three companies that specialize in different areas of precision machining. OCI, Benincasa Meccanica and IMAS specialize in turning, gear cutting and grinding respectively.

This enables the group to act as sole supplier for finished mechanical components, with full control over production, logistics and product quality.



Following a policy that associates quality components with efficient processes, the Mechnology Group carries out internally every phase in the processing of mechanical components, from the sourcing of raw materials to the final operations of turning, gear cutting and grinding.


lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione



The group provides logistic support for all phases of the supply process, including warehouse, kanban and stock management. Product quality is verified at every stage of machining. On request, the group can also provide a gear design service.


lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione



Precision machining processes are needed by many areas of industry and manufacturing. The Mechnology Group supplies all sectors with top quality components designed and made to allow customers to assemble safe, high performance products.


meccanica di precisione



The companies within the Mechnology Group – OCI, Benincasa Meccanica and IMAS – have all been leading players in precision machining since the 1970s. The experience and competence of each member company are appreciated by partners and customers alike.


Design and processing

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Group strengths

The Mechnology Group:

  • is structured and organized to provide a complete service;
  • combines the experience of three leading players in the fields of precision machining;
  • is made up of companies who were among the first in Italy to obtain ISO 9001-2015 certification;
  • offers a gear design service that includes the presentation of calculation reports;
  • analyses quality processes using FMEA, PPAP and SPC methods;
  • provides a dedicated logistics