The Mechnology Group has built its strength on an organization that permits the management of the entire production process for precision mechanical components. The group’s organization allows tests and quality checks to be performed as production proceeds, and also ensures full control over the quantities machined and produced.

The professionalism and competence shared within the group are based on a thorough understanding of the properties and characteristics of the materials used and an in-depth knowledge of the machine tools and robotic islands in the group’s machine park. The machine tools installed in the group’s factories incorporate the latest technology and have the power and strength needed for high speed machining and efficient production processes.

Direct control over the entire machining process and efficient management of component production allows the group to offer customers additional services including:

  • logistic support in all phases of supply, including warehouse, kanban and stock management;
  • the production of reports on product quality;
  • the design of special gears to meet specific needs.


The offer and delivery of these services make the Mechnology Group a point of reference for all customers who require precision mechanical components for their own products and who demand professionalism, quality and accurate machining.

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Efficient logistics is essential to the correct functioning of complex production processes. Logistics covers all the organizational and management operations needed to guarantee a continuous supply of materials, including the transport of products from the site of the producer or supplier to that of the end customer.

The Mechnology Group is organized to handle all phases of supply for the mechanical components it produces. The group works continuously and in an integrated manner to organize production and delivery in a way that satisfies all customer requests. This means that the group can offer customers complete logistic support covering the phases of supply, warehouse, kanban and stock management.
The group also offers its own integrated logistic systems for transport, storage and distribution to ensure that products reach the end customer at the lowest cost and in the shortest time possible.

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The quality of the machining processes performed by the Mechnology Group is guaranteed by the certifications the group has obtained over the years. In particular, the three companies that make up the group, Benincasa Meccanica, OCI and IMAS, have all had their quality management systems certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001. Product quality is guaranteed by testing and quality control processes performed with advanced and regularly calibrated instruments, including gear profile measuring systems and three-dimensional measuring machines produced by leading, internationally acclaimed instrument makers like Klingelnberg, Wenzel, Mahr and Mitutoyo.
The group uses various analysis methods and processes to evaluate and homologate products and to generate reports. These include:

  • PPAP
  • FMEA
  • SPC

Gear design

Thanks to a highly professional team and competence built up over years of work, the Mechnology Group can also design special gears. In particular, the group has developed and accumulated extensive experience in the design of worm shafts, worm gears and cylindrical gears.  The gear design process must take various technical aspects into consideration and requires specially developed calculation software to ensure reliability. The Mechnology Group uses KISSsoft , a program developed especially for the design of gears and transmission systems. KISSsoft guarantees excellent results, provides verification calculations and resistance analyses, and even issues documentation on safety factors.

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Design and processing

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