Who we are

The Mechnology Group combines the competences of three companies – OCI, Benincasa Meccanica and IMAS – that work in the field of precision machining and specialize in turning, gear cutting and grinding respectively.

This pooling of manufacturing competences serves two main purposes: it provides a single interlocutor for customers in search of quality engineering components and it ensures a streamlined, complete service.


Because all phases in the production process are managed internally, the Mechnology Group can: supply a wide range of components including smooth and toothed shafts, worm shafts, steel and bronze gears; control all machining processes; optimize the logistics of warehouse management; perform tests and issue reports, and verify the quality of all components.

6000 square metres of factory and offices

100 machining centres and machine tools

4,000,000 parts produced a year

I Group strengths

The Mechnology Group is distinguished as a uniquely reliable partner by its organization and manufacturing competence. The three companies that work within the group – OCI, Benincasa Meccanica and IMAS – were among the first in Italy to obtain ISO 9001-2015 certification.

With the sole exception of thermal surface treatments, all processes are carried out within the group’s member companies. This allows all machining processes to be followed by testing and quality control using FMEA, PPAP and SPC methods.

Integration of the competences of all three companies in the group ensures the efficiency of all machining processes. The group’s financial and productive solidity is backed up by figures. Find out more about our offering and products.

The Mechnology Group can also design special gears and offer customers a ‘personalized’ logistic system tailored to meet their own particular needs and to ensure constant supplies to stock.

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Design and processing

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