The Mechnology Group offers its products and services to manufacturers of motor vehicles, agricultural and industrial machines. These incorporate complex mechanical systems involving precision-machined organs of transmission and require components to be thoroughly tested and of certified quality.

The companies that use the products and services of the Mechnology Group produce machines and equipment that must be perfectly functional and must also ensure the safety of drivers and operators.

With this in mind, the group and its member companies are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in all machining processes.

The automotive industry, which covers the design, production and servicing of motor vehicles, is one of the main customers for the Mechnology Group’s products and services. Mechanical components destined for the automotive industry must satisfy the highest quality standards for resistance of the materials used, functionality of gear trains and precision machining.

The motorcycle sector is quite diversified and includes large and medium size manufacturers, repair shops and specialist services for classic machines. Each of these areas requires mechanical transmission components that are perfectly finished down to the last detail, because the reliability of the motorcycle and the safety of the rider depends on the quality of each individual part.

Numerous areas of manufacturing need mechanical transmissions, hoists or industrial lifts to transmit power or lift large, heavy loads to limited heights. All these applications involve machines with gear trains made from precision components.

Precision mechanical components are in great demand in the shipbuilding industry, especially for power transmission, propeller and rudder control systems. These systems are essential to the proper functioning of the vessel, irrespective of its size and use. The Mechnology Group guarantees the quality of its products and services in this area.

Vans and trucks are essential assets for many companies, and have to function perfectly at all times. Mechanical components destined for use in the production and repair of commercial vehicles must therefore satisfy extremely high quality standards and be highly resistant.

These rapidly expanding areas of industry involve the control of fluid power using small, precision components. These applications require the careful design and accurate machining of every single part, with nothing left to chance.

Companies specializing in the processing and transformation of food products require precision machines capable of performing specific operations without compromising the quality of the processed food. The components and gears that drive these machines must therefore be perfectly made and finished.

The energy sector is made up public and private companies and covers all the machines and equipment used in the production and distribution of electrical energy. The whole sector is innovating rapidly, in parallel with the growth of sustainable and renewable energy sources. This means that it needs suppliers who are able to design and produce new, precision mechanical components to satisfy changing requirements.

This is an extremely delicate sector as it serves the need for hygiene and cleanliness in industrial contexts, high-traffic public areas, shops and areas where food products are processed. A malfunction in one of these machines could therefore have repercussions on the quality of the work and even render the results unacceptable.

This sector uses systems and gears in a wide range of contexts, from public to domestic and private. The mechanisms that control accesses, barriers and gates must be able to work efficiently and guarantee the safety of users.

In farm machinery, the mechanisms that transmit power from the engine crankshaft to the organs of propulsion, or to the systems that couple to and drive powered implements are of fundamental importance. Such mechanisms must be able to perform a range of duties, respond effectively to commands and allow the machine to perform different manoeuvres. This sector demands accurately designed mechanical components in order to ensure efficient organs of transmission.

The construction industry is unique in its use of machines that need to perform various functions, especially the movement of heavy materials and large structural elements while also guaranteeing the safety of operators and other workers. The gears and drive systems that allow these machines to function must be of the best quality and must also be able to ensure high performance.

These machines are used in a range of contexts, from food processing to waste processing, and are designed to minimize the need for human intervention. The efficient functioning of these machines plays an essential role in the success of the production processes in which they are used. Every single component must therefore be both strong and precise.

The motorsport sector involves a wide range of vehicles and competitions at the amateur and professional levels. Motorsport gives work to many companies in areas ranging from development and testing to repairs. The sector requires top quality mechanical components and a logistic management system able to ensure continuous deliveries and stock replenishment.

Design and processing

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